WCI Alpha Update Log

  1. Fixed 12 bugs

  2. Added a lot of balance changes (i’m lazy to write all of them)

  3. Added new building “Wheat skins”, here you can equip skins for your wheat, 7 skins are free and 2 not free

  4. Added new currency “Miners”, also added Miners building

  5. Added new building “Cooper Upgrades” and already added 7 upgrades

  6. Added new building “Auto-farming upgrades”

  7. Added new buildings: “Auto-Farmer milestones”, “Different Milestones”

  8. Added new currency “Electricity” and building for it

  9. Added new building “Golden wheat upgrades” and already added 4 upgrades

  10. Added new building “Minedry”, you can unlock this by buying special Cooper upgrade

  11. Added new building “Electricity Milestones”, you need at least 1 Electricity to unlock it

  12. Added new building “Electricity Upgrades” and already added 6 upgrades

  13. Added 3 new Benefit Upgrades, unlock special milestones in “Different Milestones” to unlock them

  14. Added new type of wheat - Electro Wheat

  15. Added new event “Fog”, it happens with small chance and has 3 new musics - “Fog appearing”, “Fog time” and “Fog Disappearing”

  16. Added 4 new badges

  17. Added 3 new leaderboards and Level leaderboard changed to Golden Wheat leaderboard

  18. Now you can support devs, click “To Leaders” to teleport to Leaderboards and then look around and find Support boards

  19. Added 3 different server messages in chat

  20. R15 animation now changed to R6

  21. Changed 15+ upgrade images

  22. Deleted animation when you collect Wheat

  23. Added effects for some buildings

  24. Now another text will appear when you collect Golden or Electro wheat instead of default one

  25. Upgraded system of saving stats

  26. Now there is no bug with text on PC, mobile players still have this bug and game won’t open until roblox fix this

  27. Changed main music and deleted “Credits” music

  28. Now additional boosts for every 25 levels of upgrades work normally

  29. Added 1 new Farmerfly Milestone

  30. Added some easter eggs

  31. New amazing system soon…

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