WCI Alpha v3 update log

1. Fixed 22 bugs (High ping bug, wheat wasn’t spawning bug, bug that buildings were under the map, bug that you couldn’t see how much you will earn from buying Pumpkin/Candy upgrade, bug that auto collect isn’t working, bug with disappearing collecting range, bug that you couldn’t buy some AutoFarming, Truck and Minedry upgrades, bug that Farmerfly milestones weren’t working, bug that Candify wasn’t unlockable, bug that you couldn’t equip some skins and that you could equip skins that you don’t own, bug that Timer in “Invisible pumpkin generator” was slowed by x3, bug that you could upgrade your Candify Level to inf level because there wasn’t limit and other bugs)

2. Added new halloween building “Phase”, you can upgrade your phase and get boosts, also there is milestone that you can unlock after reaching Phase 3, current max phase is 5

3. Added 1 new skin

4. Added 1 new Pumpkin Upgrade

5. Added 1 new Candy Upgrade

6. Added 1 new “Phase” leaderboard

7. Added 1 new “Phase” badge

8. Rebalance: Current starting Auto Collect time is raised (6 >> 6.25 seconds and 0.1 >> 0.25 is min time), PumpkinWheat spawn chance is now multiplied by 2 (0.75% >> 1.5%), now you gain PumpkinWheat in “Invisible Pumpkin Generator” every 8 seconds except of 10, now to unlock “Pumpkin upgrades” you need (175 >> 200 PumpkinWheat), decreased cost for 4th PumpkinUpgrade (175 >> 125 PumpkinWheat), changed cost multiply for every Candy upgrade

9. Small changes: Map is now a bit better, Candify now also doesn’t reset 5th Pumpkin Upgrade, changed background color for Candy Upgrades, now “Bugged Skin” material is SmoothPlastic (changed from Neon) because only Mythical skin or another types of wheat have Neon Material, deleted some trees that were stopping players progress

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