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Sponsoring games seem to be broken right now…

Yesterday, I did a test sponsor (for 1k robux) on my game Daycare 2, and it was working well. Today I ran another sponsor for my game for (20k robux), and it has 0 impressions in almost an hour

Below is an image of what I see:

The ad was run at 11:06 AM and the screenshot is from 12:01 PM (55 mins later // GMT)

Edit/Update: I am now starting to see the impressions increase (after 1 hour) so it seems to be working now, however I feel that 1 hour out of the 24 hours of my sponsor had been lost (due to a bug/outage?)


New sponsor is broken, I sponsored 20k and only got 7.8k clicks… I used to get more clicks with old sponsor.


Unless you got more by a large amount I wouldn’t say its broken per say, more likely just ineffective.

I can confirm that I am experiencing the same issue, I sponsored my game for 110k robux (385 USD) and received 28k clicks, whereas my last sponsor got 78k clicks with the same amount.




Except now sponsors are a scam.

5K Robux for a 0.046% click-though rate.


It’s almost been 2 hours since I did the sponsor on my game and I still haven’t seen any improvements with CTR or anything at all.

  • I think having the old sponsoring system was easier to use in a way because it was more simple to run sponsors with that compared to this new improved version.

  • I ran 20,000R$ on my sponsor for phone users but nobody has clicked it nor can I find it on my phone aswell, is this a bug?


Wanted to confirm what other people have been having as well. Wanted to just try this system out but was met with a panel that hasn’t updated since. Any information on if this is a bug or what is happening? It’s been over a day since I started the sponsership


I’m having the same error a lot of people above me are having, I don’t know if it’s not showing stats and people can see the ad. I havent seen anyone join my game though, which a bit before this update when I did a sponsor a few people joined.

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I think it’s possible to call this a scam.

My time: image


Yes, personally I think everyone who has placed sponsors since this update has dropped should recieve full refunds. I wanna release my game but can’t until this gets fixed. Please fix this devrel :dizzy_face:


It was working for me when I did it. Maybe it broke. Hope it gets fixed ASAP.

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601 clicks on 10k sponsor, i used to get 8k-10k clicks


The update isn’t out for me yet, but it seems to work the updated way, and I’m getting way less clicks then I used to on other games.

I have spent 40,000R$ on the joke, I just lost money with this update. You guys should really improve it as soon as possible.


With the way sponsorships are broken right now, as we see in the replies countless times, we have to make up for lost funds.

Developers that spent Robux on a broken sponsorship should be refunded entirely, no questions asked.


If you have issues with sponsored games not working properly, you’ll want to support/file a separate bug report on that, so it’s easier to spot and respond to.

Looks like there’s a “feature request” topic here (maybe it should be moved to bug reports): Sponsoring is currently extremely worthless


Yup. Same here.

This happened on another one of my sponsors too. The sponsor is almost done running and I didn’t get a single visit or impression but it still took the robux. Imagine a young developer just got a christmas present and he decides to spend it on sponsors for his new game he’s been working ages on. The robux would just be gone.

Fix this ASAP roblox, this is a HUGE issue. If developers just get no visits and we just lose robux. I might as well have thrown it down the drain. Or atleast give everyone who’s spent robux on sponsors in the past 3 days their money back.


Hi there!
Important Dev question :smiley:
is there a way to know in a script, if the player got to my game from the new sponsor ad?
like some kind of an IF statement we can use to check??

Thank You!

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  1. Clearly the 0,0,0 Stats is a visual bug
  2. Too many people use sponsored ads now, which causes demand overflow, meaning the impressions you expect now will always be lower.
  3. Are you even clicking all the boxes? obviously your impressions will be lower if you just select like male users age <13 etc etc

The new Sponsor system doesn’t work correctly… Could we get the Robux refunded so when the system does work we can use it then?