We need a general discussion category

earlier today I created a topic in the developer discussion category titled Funniest glitch while testing and it was simply just discussing some funny glitches that we as the developer community have experienced but unfortunately, it got flagged and removed and it made me think that we need a general/miscellaneous category for stuff like this and other discussions that don’t really fit that well in any other category this would really just be one of the best updates to the dev forums because a lot of the time I post questions and they don’t really fit anywhere so this would be great


The devforum is created for development improvement, not leisure.


it wouldn’t be for leisure it would be for development topics that don’t fit anywhere else.

I don’t think this is related to development and would contribute to development either. Just don’t post this topic since the new category would be filled with spam.

Why not join development discord servers and have those discussions there. There are ones made specifically for dev forum members, you can find them in the faq. I do not agree with a general category since other platforms can accomplish this just fine and in a better fashion.


I’ve had other problems I’ve had a hard time finding the correct category for this is was just a recent example, for instance, there is no terrain category there are not categories for GUI and other things like that

Terrain questions go in #help-and-feedback:building-support, GUI questions go in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support . There really isn’t an excuse to misuse categories


What you’re asking for already exists, it’s the lounge category.

It’s locked to exclusively regulars specifically because the devforum is not the place for this kind of discussion (despite the endless amount of similarly offtopic posts on #development-discussion being allowed)


yea but it doesn’t really allow much of any discussion see there isn’t really a place for developers to talk about a bit more light-hearted development topics between other developers without being pounded by the community without being pounded because we are only supposed to talk about serious topics if you look here though in the topic that got flagged some people actually had some good time talking about it
now I get it the dev forums should be a more serious place but we shouldn’t have to resort to third-party platforms just to talk about some slightly more lighthearted discussion between developers.

You should. It’s called development discussion, not general discussion. On the developer forum, not just a plain forum. If you wish to talk about development, you’re more than welcome to, but if you want to talk about stuff that just mentions development (eg things that happen during development that aren’t caused or affected by it) you have many other platforms more than happy to accept your post (several roblox discords, the roblox subreddit, and if you are a devforum regular the lounge is of course a good place too)


what about multi-topic discussion some time you can’t quit put these in a category but they definitely belong somewhere on the dev forums

What you’re asking for is there but locked to regulars. It’s also not used very often because that kind of discussions aren’t simply held here often. Many of those conversations simply happen on Discord or Twitter and I think you should also look there for the general discussions you’d like to have.

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I feel that this would be a backwards move for the devforum, as we would see an influx of users come in to use the forums only for discussion categories and not development. This would be a bad idea in general and could be detrimental to the reputation of this forum. Even then, we have apps like Discord for things like this, why not use those?

The lounge exists for Regulars, but that is only for Regulars and above, as the Developer Forum is not here for general discussions. It is here for development resources, help, and discussions relating to development on Roblox.


As everyone else said, this is supposed to be a forum to ask for HELP and give HELP. Not having fun talks with your friends There are several other platforms like Discord where you can do this.


the thing is about my funniest glitch while testing is that it is development-related and it really is a thing that only developers can relate to so why can’t this be on the dev forums other than the fact that it wasn’t really helping with a specific problem and the fact that it was a bit light-hearted but other than that it let the development share some of there accidents while testing while getting a bit of a kick about it it’s really not that far away from anything already on the dev forums because Roblox (Shure they own the platform) are allowed to ask what are you working on in 2021 but I’m not allowed to ask what did you do for your April Fools update or what is a funny testing glitch you’ve had sure they are a bit more light-hearted but not that different. and maybe my problem is that Roblox isn’t asking these questions. but then I would also ask well why can’t I ask this for them. now, most of you may say why not go on discord or Twitter. and for one I don’t have a Twitter and two I don’t have much of a voice on discord so if I were to ask it there I would be lucky to get 4 responses. and on discord, there is always a chance that a non-developer might answer. but the thing about the dev forums is 1 I know I’m talking to actual developers and 2 I am more well known here so I know I’ll probably get maybe 10 responses to something but unfortunately the dev forum is only limited to more formal development discussion and there is the lounge but not everyone is a regular and neither am I so it doesn’t really work. so Maybe even this solution instead of flagging topics like the topic I had about testing glitches and removing them from any response move them to a topic that is like other development topics and people could post stuff that’s slightly more light-hearted as long as that are mostly development-related and people could have this topic enabled or disabled that way it could make everyone happy.

Please separate your replies into paragraphs, it is hard to read otherwise. :slight_smile:

One of the bullet points in #development-discussion is:

Knowing what the funniest glitch a developer had or what they did for April fools does not benefit anyone else as a developer. You can’t just add “as a developer” to a title and magically make it allowed.


this is a development forum to talk all things development, and this technically exists (The lounge) but that is only available for regulars+ so I guess the alternative would be the DevForum discord server?

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This is bad idea, but well…

this is awkward.

Unsure if a mistake, but this probably shouldn’t be here,
no annoucement from what I can see, and really, really out of place…

Basically everyone that used the forum for some time was agaisnt this idea, and I believe also staff members, so yeah, I’m not gonna be posting here, (I wouldn’t be anyway), because it’s so weird.

Am I in an alternative universe??

The weirdest things happen at this time in the forum;

Nobody can create new topics there it looks like (create topic grayed out). There is a setting to allow uncategorized posts, the software generates one when you first build the instance. I’m assuming someone accidentally turned that setting on and a mod or someone accidentally moved it? I don’t know and I’m not here to speculate either


This seems more like a problem on the bug report wizard side. Only thing in there is a bug report after all.

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