We need LocalizationService.Enabled option


The issue
My game Reason 2 Die does not use LocalizationService for anything beyond getting the clients language preferences. Everything else is done by my own code.

It’s really frustrating then to findout that LocalizationService is what’s causing the lagspikes in my game.

Lagspike caused soley by LocalizationService

"We are working on fixing these bugs"
I’m sure of it! But these bugs shouldn’t be forced upon a whole community of developers who, by majority, doesn’t even use this service!

My Suggestion
Is to add an option to disable localizationservice, yet keep language preferences readable.

This was much appriciated when added to ChatService, hopefully it can added to this service aswell!


This might actually be being used by the Core UI.


I would instead file this as a bug report and attach a microprofiler dump so they can actually figure out what’s going on here if that is really the main bottleneck in your game. (cc @ContextLost )

An Enabled property would be API bloat and a really ugly band-aid for the problem with many side effects. Roblox can’t unship features once shipped.


There’s already GuiBase2d.AutoLocalize. Disabling it disables it for that object’s children as well. If you’re not using auto translation then you should disable it on all your GUI root, done.

Can you send the microprofiler dump over? Would like to take a look at that too.


Hi there ContextLost,

In our game we also disabled this on our core UI (The ScreenGUI object, and it still shows the same as OP in the Microprofiler)