We should be able to visit RDC live in VR


They should setup 360 cameras around RDC and allow us to watch it live in VR. This’d be super cool if we wearn’t able to attend!


Even better, have numerous cameras on wheels that broadcast the VR to people in real-time and then they can fight over who gets to move it.

Jokes aside, isn’t that what the VR RDC is already?


I was actually thinking about that. Maybe put a speaker on the the bot and let us scream at people at RDC??

Also whats VR RDC? Where do I find this??? :open_mouth:


VR RDC? That sounds interesting! What is this?


I have a 360 camera I could livestream with. Would people watch it tho?


That sounds awesome not gonna lie.
Even better, what if a seat or two during the keynote is reserved for 360° cameras, so people can feel like they are actually sitting there


I am hearing twitch plays RDC live!!! Gotta admit this would be pretty entertaining!

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You guys seriously have never heard of the VR RDC Experience?


No food, no freebies. So I wouldn’t pay for it.

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In all honesty, I haven’t until yesterday. :man_shrugging:


Where do I find this??

ahhhhh 30 chars


Um? Is that even a question! Y E S!


I support this idea…

even tho i have no vr headset :frowning:


Can still just use your thumb to pan around on your phone


That be a good idea. For those who really couldn’t attend could still watch it live in VR. At least we get a good close enough experience.


When people have no idea what VR RDC is…
smh where have you all been

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Where do I find this lmao

grilly wants :sunglasses:

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I feel like the experience comes from meeting other devs and doing game jam together.


I agree, but it’d be awesome to watch the talks in VR.


If this was happening. They would probably have a small fee to see RDC 19 in VR.

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