We want SpeedySeat. But he can't get in

As you may or may not know, SpeedySeat is on the list of people who should be in RBXDev, but have not accepted the confirmation email.

Recently, I met with him, and managed to get his skype contact details. We were talking about things like FilteringEnabled, and ended up talking about RBXDev. He says that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t join, because the account SpeedySeat was registered under an email that he doesn’t have access to.

I asked him if there was any email that he does have access to, with which he would be able to join RBXDev with us.
Anyways, we all want him on, but he can’t until he gets his email changed to an accessible one.

So, here’s the email:

I had the EXACT same problem!

Just tell him to email info@roblox.com and everything will be fixed up.

Because SpeedySeat is group of people, all of which are in his friend’s list.

I have told speedy to mail roblox.