We want your feedback (aba1231900 Games)

Hello developers This is the aba1231900 Games development team and we would like to ask you for your comments regarding the Lugar del reconocimiento experience and the training camp that is almost finished, we only need to translate it and the icons we will leave you the link to the experience and the bug reports you can send me by private message or to the community discord server.
development team composed by @aba1231900 @YarelaDeveloper @LONS289 @robertomonica @SOTR654 @Snacky303 @Wolves_Messi @elpepebros @Live_Happy
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[https://www.roblox.com/games/8588325946/Lugar-Del-Reconocimiento-Actualizaci-n-de-Fiesta#!/game-instances](Recognition Place (Remastered) - Roblox)

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