Weapon Masters Christmas Update!

🍭 New Currency: Candy Canes

For a limited time, players can now collect Candy Canes added around the map. Players can use this currency to buy Christmas Boxes.

🎁 Christmas Boxes

The box can be opened 5 times a day. Players have until the end of December to open as many boxes as they can. The Christmas Box can be opened at the price of 100 Candy Canes, which allows the player to unbox one of the following boosts (one hour boost time):

  • Auto Rebirth!
  • Autoclicker!
  • x2 Strength!

πŸ“Œ Decorated Map

Bringing joy to the Christmas spirit with a decorated map, fitted for Christmas!

πŸ’Ύ Boost Saving

Boost timers now automatically pause when you leave the game, and resume once you re-enter the game.

⚑ New Boost: 2x Rebirths

The new boost, x2 Rebirths, allows you to gain double the amount of rebirths you normally would!

πŸ†• New UI

We’ve implemented a new, designed UI in hopes of making it easier for the players to navigate through.

Other Changes

βš™ Changes

  • Max Players Per Server: 15 > 12
  • Safezone Deduction: 15% > 0%
  • Added 5 new ranks.
  • Boost times lowered to 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 5 hours.
  • Rewards Chest now has a random chance at giving high boost times.
  • Re-scripted the entire game.
  • Added a health bar to the player’s overhead UI.
  • Removed leaderboard ranks from chat.
  • Added player ranks to chat.
  • Added color to player ranks.
  • Moved global leaderboards and credits board, to the safe zone.
  • #1 player now stands near the dominated leaderboard.
  • Moved the leader stats around, a bit.
  • Added Santa to Safezone for Christmas.
  • Added crown to King of the Hill.
  • Played around with the lighting, again.
  • Revamped the notification system.
  • Added new settings to the settings tab.
  • Added snow.
  • Added new codes! (Check https://twitter.com/CIeanStudios)
  • Players can no longer swing their weapon while having a frame open unless they have auto clicker boost enabled.

πŸ”§ Fixes

  • Hopefully, fixed the Rebirth and Prestige bug.
  • Hopefully, fixed the sword equip bug.

We hope you enjoy the update, have fun, and have a great day!

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