Weapons make my walk animation look stupid

So basically, whenever i equip a tool it snaps the characters torso up (even if the animation never changes the torsos position)
Here’s a video of what i mean:robloxapp-20210816-1707342.wmv (403.8 KB)

I dont fully understand what you mean. although, you could keep the animation set to have the torso forward so the walk wont look funny.

for all the weapons there isnt a walk animation specifically for them, so if i made the idle animations torso forward it would probably solve the first problem but create another one. and what did you not understand about the original post?

forgive me i just realized what you really meant. i dont really have a solution for this.

oh, ok. well thanks for responding anyway.

don’t really feel like downloading a video so I’ll take a guess: when holding the tool the torso gets changed but every part doesn’t? if so, then go into the default animate script then remove the tool animation part


i will try finding the animation part. is there any thing i can search using ctrl shift f to quickly find it?

yeah probably toolidle, but first you need to get the Animate script by copying it from your player while in test mode then pasting into starter character

i did that and i cant seem to find the animation part