Web Development | NEW! - How to Host a Discourse Forum & Monlith vs Microservices (Netflix)! [6/30/19]

It’s fine, thanks!

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PHP has just had bad wrap in terms of being ease of use. Where Nodejs makes you only need to know one language and it covering front and backend including the database. In PHP you still need to learn a database language such as SQL. Plus it wasnt until PHP revently updated in the last year or to to 7 or 9 I believe that it actually got improved to where it needed to be. Overall and this is just my opinion it’s not quite as a versatile in terms of unifying everything together.

This is just my opinion as of right now, haven’t tried to make a server in PHP yet and won’t be for some time.


A simple recommendation, but I’d look into Bloxy instead of RobloxJS due to the latter no longer being maintained and the first being maintained, receiving additional features/fixes, and better organized structure (tho last bit is opinion). However, if you wish to maintain minimal code changes, then look into NobloxJS as it’s a maintained version of RobloxJS.

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I’m considering bloxy, however right now I maintain my own updates on roblox-js such as creating new accounts automatically.


Your not able to Promote or Demote users with Bloxy?

Is there a Cmdr alternative for Mac? Was quite keen to try this out until I saw that Cmdr was a no go for Mac :frowning:

You could use one of these or research into an alternative command line input method https://alternativeto.net/software/cmder/?platform=mac

roblox-js and noblox.js have both been fixed to account for the change of login API. Both are maintained for necessary changes, the latter is just not actively updated with more features, however it already has a lot.

For EASE OF USE? PHP definitely takes the cake. I’d rather just type up

new mysqli("", "root", "hunter2", "secretdb");


cd projectfolder
npm install mysql



For SQL, PHP is naturally going to integrate better with it, I’m not crazy either about how it’s handled in Nodejs. To each their own, it all depends on the project you’re working on.

RethinkDB’s community has recently been forked into RebirthDB with the first focus being on the release of 2.4. Seems the community got tired of waiting and took matters into their own hands, so I say it’s still a reliable option.


I really considered using it when I watched a appraisal video by NASA staff, however it looked already dead when I watched it. I’d like to explore more NoSQL databases so I’ll probably check it out.

I updated the Digital Ocean guide!

There was an issue with invalid permissions which I fixed.

You can see how to authorize the sudo user now.

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Can you update the Rest API guide?


When I’m able, you will see an update, right now I’m busy with college, work, and clients. I had wrote this while putting a lot of that off the entire time, so now I have to make up for it.

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That’s a yikes from me.

Going to read this over. Always wanted to make a Discord bot with a database of some kind. Cheers.

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Nice tutorial, although I would rather not use PHP as that could be a pain in the ass to setup when working for the first time with Nginx or Linux.

I am looking forward to the oAuth2 topic!

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If you want a headstart look into Passport.

I’m going to be covering how to use OAuth2 with Discord. It could be applied the same way as Google Oauth. So because you need to save the login session we’ll also talk about cookies.

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Im thinking of simply doing a video series that covers all of the written topics.


That would be very helpful!