Webhook Colours

Hello, what colour type does Roblox take for their embed webhooks? I have been trying to get a red for a while with still no luck although I have looked everywhere. Any help or documentation would be appreciated. Thanks!



Did you try Color3.fromRGB(255,0,0)?


It takes a number like 67896876 iircc

Discord embeds color accept decimal numbers.

[“color”] = tonumber(0xffffff)

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Thank you! How would I insert a thumbnail and timestamp to the embed?

check the discord API to send a embeded message please,before asking

I am creating the embed in Roblox, not Discord.

yes… but check the api’s or devforum… there you can get information on where to check

Could you send me a link then?


That wasn’t my question… my question was how do I add an embed and thumbnail to an embed on Roblox?

I ain’t going to give you a code, don’t be lazy, it’s literally on that link in the first search result

Dude, the code isn’t there. It legit doesn’t tell me how to add a timestamp or thumbnail…

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To display a thumbnail and timestamp you would have the following JSON keys to your embed object:

["timestamp"] = "timestamp value",
["thumbnail"] = "url_to_direct_image.img"
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["thumbnail"] = {
	["url"] = "url_to_direct_image.img"

But I want the timestamp to be the current time for the user, so it says “today at [time]” and then the day after it would say “yesterday at [time]” at the bottom. Is that possible?

The time for the user or for the server?
not sure about this but I think the discord webhook timestamp uses ISO8601 format

Client Unix Time:
os (roblox.com)
local _time = os.time

Server Unix Time:
local _tick = tick()

Server Uptime:
local _time = game:GetService("RunService").Stepped:Wait()

when a discord message is sent it has the time already so idk why you would add this…

I just do

['timestamp'] = DateTime.now():ToIsoDate(),