Week build project: Swing Racing!

I wanted to make a game in a week, and this is the result!
I didn’t see any games like it in Roblox. The closest was just a sandbox swing testing place.

Lemme know what you think, all kinds of critiques welcome. How the game flows, what could be improved. The UI looks a lot better with rounded corners but we’ll have to wait for that feature to release to see it!


This is a pretty good game! For a game made in a week, there wasn’t really any game-breaking bugs or anything, so that was nice. I could only dream of making a game under a week. Here’s what I got for feedback:

GUI: The GUI is simple and works properly, just re-adjust things here and there to make it more consistent. Maybe make the buttons bigger and pop out more? (and place the mute music button at the bottom left corner im begging youuu)

GAME: As for the game, I really like how the lobby is a small swinging area. The tutorial was short and sweet, I don’t think it doesn’t really need any adding. The swinging mechanic feels nice and smooth, but some of the orb placement should be changed so that my momentum won’t stop to halt.

LEVEL DESIGN: For the racing aspect, I like how you can instantly swing (no?) into a new race right after finishing the previous one. It saves me a few clicks and it keeps me playing. The spacing of the countdown can become uneven at some times though. The map design is varied and is good enough based on the time you made this. There are some models you used that looked like it was a free model (I don’t know for sure), but if they were make sure to remove it and build your own.

LVL DESIGN SUGGESTIONS: If you want to take this whole racing thing to new heights, maybe you could make maps less linear (left to right) and make the player go in different directions. Or you can go overly ambitious like me and add some kind of platforming mechanic to it. (Speedrunners-Esque type stuff)

RANKS: I feel that the ranking system could have more consistent naming (but that’s really nitpicky there rank names could be anything) and should be better explained.

GAMEPASSES: Lastly, I’ll talk about the game passes in this game. I rarely buy any game passes, but I have some things to note. Aesthetic items (like the trails) should not be sold in Robux, but instead, be sold in some kind of in-game currency. I don’t see the appeal of buying an item that will only make me look cooler in only one game with Robux. The same could apply with the x2 bigger pass. The VIP pass is interesting, but it doesn’t offer much right now. When will that future content come? I can’t just spend Robux on something that has a chance of not being worked on right now. You should hold off the VIP pass until you have those features ready, or people will riot for their money back.

Sorry for this really big post, I guess I really felt like critiquing something today… This game can really be expanded on from what you worked on for a week and I’m impressed by your work! I could see myself play this game with friends just to kill the time and have fun. Well done. Also, my suggestions are just for you to think about, and I look forward to updates! 8/10

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Very good critique thanks for the feedback :smiley:
I agree with most of it!

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Update! I made a lot of big changes this morning per your feedback.
I made a coin system so players can earn coins for the in-game shop, and I touched up the GUI a good bit.
An exciting new feature is the ability to pick which map you want to play by creating a match :grin:

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