Weekend Projects is looking for a Scripter [900 USD / 250,000 R$]

A promising game studio is looking for a talented Scriptor to create a front-page project. Roleplay game with social mechanics, trade and open world! :wink:

– Excellent knowledge of Lua and multidisciplinary experience in project development.
– Full knowledge of the API and clean, optimized code.
– Experience in creating a GUI interface is welcomed.
– Communication skills are very important.
– Experience with Blender and Figma is encouraged, but not required.

About the project:
Roleplay game with various mechanics similar to Sims; Bloxburg. The player spends most of his time in a small town in a fictional district. Complete freedom of action is given. The game features a work system, inventory, trade system, interior customization, etc. Designed for a large number of players.

The current rate starts at ~ $ 900 (250,000 Robux). In the case of a productive collaboration, your reward may include a significant share of ownership. Growth prospects and various bonuses in the future.

Discord: darkside#2051 (Martin)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dev_weekend

β€œThose who can imagine anything can create the impossible.”
- Alan Turing


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