Weight lifting Weight not working

It is supposed to make the player bigger when they click, it doesn’t work any ideas why?

local humanoid = character.Humanoid
humanoid:WaitForChild(“BodyDepthScale”).Value = .5 + (strength.Value / 250)
humanoid:WaitForChild(“BodyHeightScale”).Value = .5 + (strength.Value / 250)
humanoid:WaitForChild(“BodyWidthScale”).Value = .5 + (strength.Vaue / 250)
humanoid:WaitForChild(“HeadScale”).Value = .5 + (strength.Vaue / 250)
humanoid.Walkspeed = 16 * (strength.Value / 250)

        humanoid:WaitForChild("BodyDepthScale").Value = .5 + (strength.Value / 250)
        humanoid:WaitForChild("BodyHeightScale").Value = .5 + (strength.Value / 250)
        humanoid:WaitForChild("BodyWidthScale").Value = .5 + (strength.Vaue / 250)
        humanoid:WaitForChild("HeadScale").Value = .5 + (strength.Vaue / 250)
        humanoid.Walkspeed = 16 * (strength.Value / 250)

Are you increasing strength value via local script? If so, then that’s the reason why.

if you are getting no errors, and the script above is in a script and not local script, then make sure the value is changed on the server side.

if it is being changed on server, then try debugging it using prints, for example putting a print(1) inside the :GetPropertyChangedSignal event to make sure that is being fired.

Are you increasing it in a local script?

As mentioned by many users, are you increasing this VIA a local script, or a script? You seem to be extremely unresponsive, and have provided little to no context at all. How are we supposed to help you without crucial information?

This also goes to the many users who posted on this post, that you should not be repeating the same thing(s) other users are, and maybe quoting what they are saying would be more useful.

In your case, hireimgeorge, if you are using a local script, this needs to change immediately.

You can use Remote Events for this action, instead of Local Scripts to make this all server-sided ( learn more what the server and client see here: https://scriptinghelpers.org/guides/server-client-relationship-in-roblox )



As many people have said, if you are changing the player’s strength locally you need to have a RemoteEvent or Function to make sure the server value is switched as well.

The problem is that when a player gets more “strong” it will only change the value locally which means that they are the only ones that will be affected by it. If you need help with RemoteEvents, I recommend reading this.