Weird edge cases in my party system

so, when you press create party, leave party, and then create a party again after, sometimes it displays the server party list frame again. And in even rarer cases it hides the party system. I make it so once the player leaves from the player prespective frame the server frame becomes visible again. Could it be the case that the script delays making the serversession visibible again once you press create a party and the configuration panel is opened

Here is my game:
Removed, I fixed my bug


S0 after like 5 hours of debugging I figured out why!

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Could you explain what you did to solve the problem instead of removing the code?

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Ahh yes, but this is pretty game specfic so I don;t know if anyone would really care. But anyways the problem was I fired this event called PartyLeaderLeft. So basically the screen gui would say you will be removed from the party in 5,4,3,2,1 ect. And then the server frame would be visible again. But the problem is I fired this to the party owner to, the party owner wanst supposed to see this. So it would make the server frame visible to him after 5 seconds after he leaved and sometimes made the playerperesrivceframe visible again. The reason it happened sometimes because it only happened exactly after 5 seconds

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