Weird Glitch with My Game!

The Clock time keeps switching times for no reason, it flashes and I tried to fix it, I tried everything, please help me!

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Have you tried searching for scripts that change ClockTime? Assuming you are talking about the ClockTime in lighting you can press CTRL + SHIFT + F and then enter ClockTime. Also check for any malicious scripts if you are sure you did not make the script.

Can you show us a picture for an example?

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No, I haven’t tried adding scripts that change something.

Sounds like you have goten a virus. Have you used free models?

Yeah, but an old house. I checked if it had scripts; nothing…


Does this issue happen in your other games as well?

Not that I know of. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Sometimes it can be implemented in other ways as well. I believe that is the cause until I see that reported on a bigger scale.