Weird Mesh Lighting When Importing

Hey there! I am having some trouble importing meshes from blender to studio. It would appear that it has something to do with the lighting on the meshes but I can’t tell, so I am going to leave some pictures below so you can see for yourself. If I move the mesh parts it goes away, but when its in the spot I need it, it turns a weird shade. I have tried a few things such as replacing parts in blender and reimporting, but I am getting the same result. If anybody is experiencing the same issue, or knows anything that can help, it would be greatly appreciated.



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I’ve certain issues like this in the past of which I tend to leave alone since I don’t see it as a big problem, however you could try turning “Global Shadows” off inside of Lighting I think, turning the light feature from
“Future” to something else. I don’t know the default one but you could try those options and see if it does anything!