Weird MeshPart Behavior

Issue Described:
Somehow, it lets me walk through a certain portion of the mesh, even tho its CanCollide is set to true, whilst in the rest of the mesh it works fine and can’t work through its walls.

[Relevant properties of the MeshPart]

Video showing the issue:

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This doesn’t sound like it has an issue, I don’t highly suggest using the entire map as a mesh and rely on using the Roblox’s objects like Part.

The fault of this is just that the rendered collision is just wrong just like how unions sometimes break.

Alternatively, place a invisible wall to cover it up.

It’s not an entire map. It’s a small portion for walls on 1 floor inside my WTC game
that invisible part to cover it up is a good idea, but i wonder why is that happening…

It rendered wrong, preciseconvex doesn’t guarantee to have the collision generated correctly as it looks.
It’s like Unions when you make them too detailed.

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