Weird meshpart thing

for some reason when i export a union and a meshpart into a single mesh it makes the ore on the stone weird (the ore is the union the stone is the meshpart) anybody know how to fix this?

might be a UV issue, use blender to check the uv positions

yes but the union is in roblox studio the union is the thing thats going weird

i made it in roblox studio not bledner

Your right, but because how roblox handles union export its best to make sure everything in the mesh is fine using blender, roblox isnt too great at exporting unions.

i didn’t make the meshpart tho…

The ore is having the texture from the stone applied to it when you combine them. You could either remove the texture from the stone and just add a roblox color to it before exporting, or you can import them into blender, adjust the texture on the ore, then import back into roblox.

so if i just make both of them one material?

You can make them separate materials in roblox, just don’t have a texture on either when you export them.

so what do i do when i export it and i want the stone and iron to be different colors

You can have them different colors (roblox colors, not textures)

i did what you said and it’s gray now. how do i make it have color

If you exported as an obj, it should’ve still had a color.

i exported as an obj file yes. i turned it into mesh

it has color in blender but not in roblox

It is because currently roblox dont correctly import default material texture for union

how do i get the texture from blender into roblox

Try making it fbx file or import through mesh importer plugin. Please tell what material ur are using on union

metal on the union and the meshpart

Try changing material to neon and export