Weird one...Animation works on server, but not from the client it is triggered by?

I use :FireServer(animationCode) to fire an animation to the server which replicates it to all clients. This has been working fine since creation. But today, the animation will not play from the client it is fired from, but it appears on all other clients. I’ve checked my animate script to make sure it’s not overriding any animation. The code is running fully. I’ve even gone and created the animation locally on the client too, still no animation produced on the client. Any theories on how this is even possibly?

Animations have their own replication. If you play an animation on the client it will properly replicate to all other clients, meaning you shouldn’t need to use :FireServer() in this use case.

Using custom characters causes problems with the replication system in my experience.

You should really never fire animations on server side.

local Humanoid = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local animationObject = --- Where is your animation object
local AnimationLoad = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(animationObject)
AnimationLoad:Play() -- How to play the animation

Why is it advised not to play an animation on server side?

Bugs and Glitches.
I tried it once, absolutely went to hell.
Also let’s say someone has bad ping, the animations will be delayed.