Weird problem about flagging posts

While I was trying to flag posts about like instead of reply, I’ve noticed this problem.

As you can see, when I try to flag a post with the fourth option, it said “Topic must not have emoji”. I found it strange why. Anyone has the same problem?

When you use a “something else” option you create a DM and send it to the moderators group with the name of the topic as the name of the DM. I guess Roblox Staff members get to bypass the “no emojis in titles rule”. Feel free to flag the reply for spam as that is the best choice for “like instead of reply”


Can you explain all the options of flaggings? :slight_smile:

The 1st one means off-topic, which means the topic is either in the incorrect category or a reply not related to the post they are replying to.

The 2nd one is inappropriate, so posts in public categories that contain swears, or personal attacks, etc.

The third one is spam, so something like advertising or just straight up vandalism.

The fourth lets you specify a custom response however it won’t work in this case since it creates a DM and we aren’t allowed to put emojis in topic titles.

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But the thing is, my reply doesn’t have any emojis.

The body of the report doesn’t. But like I said, when you use a custom option, the name of the DM topic that is sent to the moderators contains the name of the topic where you flagged a post in.


This is the name of a DM that is created by Discourse for you when you flag for a custom reason. The format goes A post in "{topic_name}" requires staff attention, however we normal users aren’t allowed to put emojis in topic titles for maturity reasons. I guess devrel configured the Roblox_Staff group so that it bypasses this permission.

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