Weird property behaviour with text label + text button selection

  • Detailed description of bug;
    When selecting both a text label and a text button certain properties in the properties tab duplicate despite them being the same.
  • Where the bug happens (be specific);
    This bug happens in the roblox studio property window.
  • When it started happening;
    Noticed this today, and have not noticed it in the past, I do imagine its fairly recent.
  • Screenshots and videos of the bug;
  • Steps to reproduce the issue (be minimal, specific, consistent!);
    Select both a text label and text button and go to change their properties, I have tested and parenting of the instances does not impact outcome.

I would assume this is just a technical thing they cant change since they are both separate classes. I dont think its a bug, but would be a nice feature to have.

This is not a bug, as TextLabel / TextButton / TextBox do not inherit these properties from some shared class. They each redefine these. The Properties widget errs on the side of caution in not assuming that multiple properties with the same name are the same.

In the future, we would like to improve the UI so it presents these separate properties in a more obvious / easier-to-use way, but there are no near-term plans for this. Feel free to make a feature request that provides an overview of the inconveniences the current behavior has caused & ways you would benefit from it being improved.

You can also file an Engine Features request to make TextLabel/TextBox/TextButton inherit from the same super class. We have done this on a few occasions before.

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