Weird Roblox Physics

Hello! I am planning to make a “weird” roblox physics game like RDite has.

Ect of what I am planning on…

Give your suggestions on how to make weird roblox physics.

You’re basically asking for game ideas. This doesn’t belong in scripting support…


I’m not. I’m asking how would I implement this. implementing it.

100% agree.
If you are having issues with a script you post here. You asked for suggestions. Scripting support is for support not for giving you ideas/ scripts.
If you need assistance, edit your post with the problem and script, and someone or myself would be able to assist you better.

If that’s the case, then at least provide some code or tell us what you’ve done so far.


Suggestions are still acceptable for Scripting Support if you’re receiving feedback on something, as that still counts as support. The difference is that appropriate feedback threads should already have something done and ask for ways to improve upon the work. On the other hand, asking for “ideas” without anything done is an almost-equivalent to asking to be spoon fed answers. Scripting Support is not a zone intended for spoon feeding.

That being said, there’s two open categories for feedback specific to coding; there is #development-support:requests-for-code-feedback which is open for already working code which one seeks improvement on, or there is this category for general feedback about an in progress work.


Please file a new scripting support thread for the specific scripting issue you are running into, this seems too vague/broad at the moment. Thanks!