Weird UI issue between studio and actually playtest

I see this when I am in studio playtesting:


Contrasted with this when I play on an actual roblox.exe instance (pressing play on the webpage)


Does anyone know what is going on with my system? Does that have to do with the resolution of my roblox studio? I just got a new monitor so this might be the resolution bugging out again.

Is there any scripts to it. If not then I don’t think this is in the right category. Also, I would suggest checking the properties maybe?

As @CottonCandyInc said, if there are any scripts, please show us.

Other than that, it may be if you’re using offset and/or UI grid style elements.

You can check if it’s your monitor if you enable emulator and select a 1920x1080p resolution (or any other) and line it up with what it looks like without the emulator.

Nope, I just went to properties on the robloxstudiobeta.exe and changed the DPI settings to “override by application”. As I expected, this UI bug fixed itself! :smiley:

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Congrats on fixing this, but please put your UI problems in the right category. If your issue doesn’t involve scripting then it doesn’t go here.