Welcome to Arevil [Building Showcase]

Hello ! This is my first day on Developer forum, so i decided to share my place that i currently working on. any opinions what should i add ? :slight_smile:


It looks great I love it I really don’t have any suggestions, but I love it the lighting to me seems really well done. Great workmanship keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

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This looks really clean and nice! I like the lighting effect and the detail put into the building. I do have one suggestion though. You could possibly add something in the center of the first photo/location to make it more alive and just overall look better. Other than that, it looks really good, also welcome to the forum!

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its a good build very interesting! I would highly recommend making some other types of trees instead of copying and duplicating them all around the area in my opinion, maybe try making 2 variety of trees with the same style your going for this feels like a medieval village is that what you’re currently making?

The map looks very well put together on the other hand! I would suggest adding some props such as tools, equipment, stacked wood, barrel, boxes ect. There could possibly be a well in the middle of the map with other equipment on the side of the house’s I am not sure if that is already a part of the map, but it seems like it should be part of the village. I’d recommend adding some plants and rocks on the island on the island to make it feel less empty.

I would suggest adding more nature like flowers, around. A pond or a small puddle somewhere in the trees or a path leading to the building that’s if you want that added to your map.

Overall, it’s definitely a good build.