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Who are we?

Our Group
Hello! We are Blocky Studioz and we strive to make you the best clothing and high quality games. Our aim is to be able to make an enjoyable and safe place for everyone to hang out and chat with others. We’ve been around since 19/03/2018 and ever since then we’ve tried our hardest to bring you quality content.

We look forward to talking with all of you, across our various medias and ways to get in contact!

Contact Us

We’re always open for your feedback and opinions, we would love you to get in touch! If you have an issue, please don’t hesitate to message PCHDB, or get in contact with Blocky Studioz directly. If you have a bug report or feedback opportunity, please use the in-game system to report this (Please report it in the game the feedback is for, so we can act on it!). Please do not use the bug report system just to talk, we provide many other ways to do that and this helps us be able to keep them separate.

Our Basic Rules

We don’t like to enforce many rules, but when it comes down to it sometimes it requires us to. Our team of moderators are constantly looking if anyone is failing to comply with the simple rules below:

  • Be kind to one another when chatting in games, or on the group wall.
  • Don’t be abusive towards staff members, or anyone for that fact
  • Don’t ruin other peoples’ times in our games by hacking, exploiting or just being mean
  • And if you don’t like something we make, don’t hate on it or ruin others’ experience, please just leave and tell us why you may not like the game.

We cannot enforce all these rules all the time, but we do as much as we can. Our moderators will act when someone breaks the rules accordingly and at their own discrepancy. You can get in contact with us to appeal a ban if you feel it is unjust. We don’t want to ruin your gameplay with silly rules like ‘caps abuse’ and we refrain from making this a bannable offence. The moderators act at their own discrepancy, and can ban or warn you for things that aren’t listed above. Please be kind, and you’ll always be welcome in our games!

That’s about it!

So welcome to our little group, we hope you enjoy the games we make, clothing or just chatting amongst our community.
When in our games, make sure you do one thing - Have Fun!
We look forward to chatting with you soon! :slight_smile:

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