Welcome To Generic Badge Collecting Group

Welcome To Generic Badge Collecting Group

Here you can have fun, badge collect and more! These are the rules for the Roblox Group, Generic Badge Collecting Group. Please follow them! Once you get 3 warnings you will be placed in the ban rank.


Roblox Group Rules

1 - Please zero talk about war, viruses, death, or any other controversial/offensive topic. This is a badge collecting group, not a debate group! You will get warned.

2 - No talk about harming others. Not even with your words. Any racism, sexism, or offensive remarks can, and will get you banned! Please, think before you speak. To sum it up, just be a decent human being!

3 - Do not be rude to moderators, and members of our group.

4 - Please do not advertise groups without one of the owners or moderators permission. You will get warned.

5 - Similar to rule #4, please do not spam advertise your game. This means that you have to wait at least 2-3 days before advertising. This is to reduce spam, of course.

6 - Do not raid this group. Even if it doesn’t harm the group.

7 - This is an English group, please try and stick to English, it keeps it easier to moderate messages. Although we don’t heavily reinforce this rule, please try and follow it.

8 - Please do not dox people. You will be warned and potentially banned for doxing. Remember, be a decent human being.

To appeal a false ban or report somebody, message any moderator or the owner and we will look into what happened.