Welcome To NexGen Research!

Welcome to The NexGen Research Roblox group! We’re glad you’re here, below is some background and important information about NexGen Research along with some answers to some questions you might have.

What is NexGen Research?

NexGen Research is a independent indie game development studio and community founded by iialexidai on 2019-11-02T18:00:00Z. NexGen Research focuses on making games that are enjoyable and allow input from the community.

How do I get the member role?

When you join the group you will automatically receive the Pending role which will prevent you from posting to the group wall. To get the member role, you must join the rank center game and then you need to select the member role, it will then automatically give you the member role. This is done as a measure to try to keep bots off the group wall and to slow down raiders or trolls who may attempt to spam the wall.

What is the NGRF Development Branch and how can I get access to it?

The NGRF Development Branch is a special in development version of the NGRF where new updates and features are pushed out for community feedback and bug testing. The NGRF development branch however is not considered a stable release and everything in it is subject to change, you will most likely also encounter bugs while playing it. To help with community engagement and to make it easier for developers to communicate with project testers we require that you join and remain in our Roblox group and community server while you are a project tester. Our community server and be found in the group’s social links, please keep in mind that you must be at least 13 years old or older to join it. The invite for it can be found in the group’s social links.

How do I apply for another rank/role?

Currently the only available group ranks are: Pending, Member and Project tester.

  • The Pending rank is automatically given to you when you join the group.

  • The Member rank can be acquired via the rank center game or will be given to you automatically at a random time, the member just gives you permission to post to the group wall.

  • The Project Tester rank is given to players who have joined our community server and opted into the tester program, this role allows a player to join the NGRF Development Branch.

  • The Contributor rank is currently unused but is intended to be given to players who contribute to the development of the NGRF such as creating and providing assets for use in the NGRF should we allow public contributions to the NGRF.

  • The Honored Member rank is given to special members of our community such as past moderators/admins or owners or high ranks of allied groups.

  • The Moderator rank is given to hand picked players who are trusted in the community. They are responsible for handling moderation and assisting players along with managing some in game events. In the NGRF these players will have a green shield above their head below their name and the moderator role in our community server.

  • The Engineering Team rank is currently unused but is intended to be given to players who are developers for the NGRF who will have studio access to the NGRF.

  • The Administration rank is currently unused but is intended to be given to hand picked players who have been in our community for a while and are trusted, these high ranking members are responsible for more critical moderation actions such as blacklists and game management.

  • The IntellacoreOS rank is unobtainable and is used by the IntellacoreOS account for group integrations with the EicOS API.

  • The Director rank is unobtainable and is the group owner.

Please refrain from asking for group ranks, the available ranks can be acquired via our community server or the rank center game. Higher ranks such as the Moderator or Administration will not be given out on request. Asking for ranks may reduce your chances of being considered for them in the future.

This post is incomplete, more details may be added in the future. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in our community server or post them to the group wall.