Weld Problem Automatically Teleport

  1. Fix welding problem

  2. When we try to weld a mesh / part, it’s automatically change location or teleport, and we cannot drag it because everytime we drag it, it just teleport back to the current location. (Video proof attached below)

  3. Change the weld system so it’s not locked into a specific parts

the buggy wuggy.wmv (1.1 MB)

Welds work by moving having the two parts next to each other, just like in real life where welding by connecting two pieces next to eachother so theyre inseperable. If you want the relative position between the objects to not be affected by welds try using a Weld Constraint

yes, we have the problem with the “Weld Constraint” not on the “Weld” only. When you watch the video, you’ll see that the problem is in a “Weld Constraint”