WeldConstraint uses the server position to weld?

Whenever i weld something on the server, the block shifts back to the serversided position.

How do i weld this block without it shifting back?

In the same server-side Lua function that causes the block to weld, move the block to the position you want it in immediately before welding.

This will likely involve some CFrame math.

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This thread is very confusing. The server is welding, but the block is going back to the server position? Not only this, but it doesn’t look like the block is even welded because it’s flipping around which is not the intended behaviour of a WeldConstraint.

If you want to weld a block without shifting it back, could you not just weld it and leave the block alone? What’s the implementation here? I don’t follow nor understand what the goal is.

The flipping around is the lineforce.
Here’s a different video which explains it a bit better.