Welded motor DesiredAngle seems to change from + to - or - to + when leaving VehicleSeat

Building a tracked Excavator. Using Weld motors for the Boom (‘shoulder’), Stick (‘elbow’), Grapple (‘hand’) and Pivot (the rotating hinge between the tracks and the cabin section of the excavator) controls.
I’ve copied the 2 welded parts with the Motor inside one of them into each joint and rotated the pairs properly. Everything works and moves perfectly until I jump out of the VehicleSeat and the Boom (the ‘bicep’ part including the ‘forearm’ and ‘hand’) instantly slams into the ground. When I jump back in the VehicleSeat that motor instantly resets back to the position it was in before I jumped out of the seat.
All the hinge motors are staying at their last CurrentAngle except for the boom motor which says it’s at the correct value but when I go into the Motor and change the DesiredAngle to its + value instead of its - value the Boom moves to where it should have been. It seems to be trying to go to a - value if it’s + or a + value if it’s -. I’ve tried reversing the value with the script by multiplying it by -1 which doesn’t work. The 2 parts that the hinge is made of are at the exact same Position and Rotation. It’s driving me up the wall…

Tried different rotations of the 2 welded Parts, deleting the original welded Parts and putting the motor script into a different Part, using a Constraint Hinge. None seem to change the behavior.
The Constraint Hinge works, but it’s a bit glitchy/jumpy and just does not have enough torque available.

TL:DR A welded Motor behaves like it jumps from a - to + (or + to -) value when I leave the VehicleSeat, but the Motor’s DesiredAngle value is actually correct and when I get back in the VehicleSeat the Motor ‘flips’ again.

Well, finally got some help with this topic. Seems that Parts that use welded joints may have issues until the ‘Massless’ Property is checked in the Part.
Thanks to @Ravenshield for the help with this on another page.

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