Welding a Locally Cloned Humanoid to the Player

Currently, I have an NPC humanoid in ReplicatedStorage that is cloned and brought out in a localscript. When I weld its HumanoidRootPart to the player’s, to create a following NPC of sorts, it breaks movement heavily.

I’ve read around, and it seems like it’s fighting for control, like Network Ownership. However, it seems you’re unable to set ownership locally, and if the NPC is stored in ReplicatedStorage until cloned and re-parented via a localscript, then I don’t think I can use server scripts to set its Network Ownership.

I’ve tried making all of the parts inside the NPC model massless, I’ve tried making it smaller than the player, and nothing worked. I DID try removing the humanoid object altogether, and while that fixed it technically, it’s not optimal since it breaks animations, clothes, and more.