Welding a mesh into a part make it not CFrame properly

I am makign a simple projectile using a part and BodyVelocity. When I set the CFrame of the part to the players HumanoidRootPart CFrame and parent it to workspace, everything works fine! When i try to weld a mesh into that exact same part, it will not Cframe to the players HRP, instead when I parent it to workspace, it keeps its previous Position.

here is what it looks like in explorer, the Parts are identical except for one has a mesh welded into it.

all parts involved are un-anchored and cancollide OFF. I checked the weld and redid it several times.

here is the code:

local bullet = ReplicatedStorage.EffectParts.Abilities.BulletLaunch.Bullet:Clone()
    bullet.BodyVelocity.MaxForce = Vector3.new(math.huge,math.huge,math.huge)
    bullet.BodyVelocity.P = 300
    bullet.BodyVelocity.Velocity = rootPart.CFrame.LookVector * 300
    bullet.CFrame = initPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame
    bullet.Parent = Workspace.RenderedEffects

I have done this before, but for the life of me I feel like welds are so unpredictable. Anyone now what up?

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Use a normal weld
WeldConstraints do the offsetting for you
Normal welds will not offset for you and if their .C0 property isn’t changed Part1 will be placed at Part0’s CFrame


Parts welded to each other with WeldConstraints are supposed to always move together when CFraming them. Welds are supposed to be deprecated, i use them from time to time but this is not the way it supposed to be.

EDIT: I tried it anyway and the results are the same with WeldConstraints or regular Welds

From the looks of it you’re cloning the bullet that doesn’t have a meshpart welded to it

Wouldn’t .Bullet need to be .Bullet_Mesh?
or am I missing something cause thats definitely possible

thats just sample code, swap out the name to test each one.

Bullet works perfectly.
Bullet_Mesh is the problem child.

Maybe I’m just dumb(or blind) but after re-reading your post 10+ times
The issue is when you set the CFrame of the bullet to the characters HRP the mesh doesn’t move with the bullet right?

yes thats right. theres a small part thats a container because its easier to Cframe than the mesh, which has a front face on the side. So i just weld the mesh inside the part. I have done this a dozen times before. But this wont be the first time I have to report bugs with WeldConstraints.

Yeah you’re probably going to have to make a bug report but before you do that try checking the properties of everything once more the weld especially check if its active(during runtime) or disabled and such
But heres a list of everything I tried

  1. Maybe it was the fact it was being cloned from ReplicatedStorage? Nope tried it from ReplicatedStoarge, ReplicatedFirst, ServerStorage, ServerScriptService, Workspace and it even worked when i cloned it from my players PlayerGui
  2. Maybe you were setting the CFrame of the wrong part? Nope setting the CFrame of Part1 or 0 will move the other
  3. Maybe BodyVelocity was doing some weird stuff? Nope tried with, LineForce, VectorForce, BodyThrust, BodyForce, BodyVelocity and RocketPropulsion

Here is the code I was using if you might need it

--Things were changed depending on what BodyMover/Constraint I was using
local rootPart = workspace.Part
local initPlayer = workspace.Player
--These are random parts that "pretend" to be the CFrame of the rootpart and such I also tested it with my character and it worked fine

while true do -- Loop so I can edit the bullet in real time instead of running each time I make a change
	local bullet = game.ReplicatedStorage.Bullet:Clone()
	bullet.BodyVelocity.MaxForce = Vector3.new(math.huge,math.huge,math.huge)
	bullet.BodyVelocity.P = 300
	bullet.BodyVelocity.Velocity = rootPart.CFrame.LookVector * 300
	bullet.CFrame = initPlayer.CFrame
	bullet.Parent = workspace
	game:GetService("Debris"):AddItem(bullet, 4) -- To not fill up workspace with random stuff
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this worked for you? Thats exactly what I am doing. I have doubel and triple checkd al the properties of everything.

I can see the bullet flying over my head when i fire it, its starting its flight from its original position instead of the one i am CFraming it to before it fires.

Yeah each of those had the both parts CFrame properly and fly over my head in the proper position using that code