Welding a part/box between players arms

Hello! I am having this issue with welding parts between the players arms. Everything else works (like setting the CFrame of the box to the arms of player, i just need to get it to “stick” with the player.

This is what it does with welding

This is without welding

This is my goal (yt vid lol)

So sorry for all the videos but its easier than explaining it all!!

Additional: My welding script contained the box having a left and right side, each part getting welded to each hand.

I’m not too sure if this is the problem but, which type of weld are you using?

You could just set the CFrame, then use a WeldConstraint and just have the arms be Part0 and the box be Part1. Without the need of setting the C0 or C1 and doing all that complex madness.

Maybe after setting the CFrame, wait a frame or so and then create the WeldConstraint. I’m throwing some ideas here that might help.

Oh, another thing, I think you should turn on Massless for the box so that it doesn’t do… well, that.

You should be using the Weld object. Keep in mind that the CFrame of the weld is in object space, so you will need to edit it manually.

However, if you are using a viewmodel, I do not recommend using welds. In that case, you should use PivotTo.

The problem with WeldConstraint is that if/when the player is teleported to a different location on the map, the weld will be inconsistent. Also, you don’t have control over the CFrame.

Ahh, you’re right. Then the best bet would probably just use Weld. Though, from my experiences, it works just fine if we’re not trying to teleport them into different locations of the map.