Welding a plane

Hey everyone, I am making a plane system but I ran into an issue. The plane falls if it isn’t anchored.
So here’s how it looks like.

After I ran the game, the plane isn’t balanced which isn’t what I want.

How should I fix this? I need to keep the plane unanchored because I’m going to move it with BodyMovers.


Try setting the plane to massless, or making the heavy unbalancing parts massless,

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The plane is a meshpart, I set it to massless but doesn’t help.

You should probably delete that message as community editors will definitely remove it and warn you. Trust me, I’m letting you know from experience.

I can see the plane is not balanced, if you are not relying on precise collision with the plane, I recommend Making a separate part about the size of the plane, make that part invisible, unanchor it, and weld it to the plane mesh.
From there, do as @Cyafu suggested and make the plane massless. Adjust the CustomPhysicalProperties of the invisible part since you are working with physics so it flows as smooth as you want it.