Welding causing anims to bug

Hello devs!

Recently I have been working on a update for my fighting game strife stadium which is gonna add robot enemies

One of these robotic threats being the Predator a fast high dps spike handed robot

Today I welded the spikes to the hands but in the animation they stay in place and don’t move (I used motor60s before and they made it so I couldn’t open the animation editor on the rig so I moved onto regular welding) is there anyway I can fix this (I used easy weld from moon animator to well it by the way)

Here’s a screenshot of the robot

Here’s the link to the game if you wana play it (25 :robux_gold: entry fee)

Whats the type of welding? and have you checked if the rig is anchored??
Frequently i do use WeldConstraints instead of Motors’ and Regular Welds bc they’re harder to work.

I do think the rig is anchored I’ll check it later since when I posted this it was 9:00pm in Britain and I wasn’t on and I just got up :l

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i checked the rig and only the HumanoidRootPart was anchored so i unanchored it and that didnt change anything then i anchored the spikes and that didnt change anything heres a video to show whats wrong (The spikes arnt moving with the hands :l)
robloxapp-20210217-1202164.wmv (489.8 KB)

before animating, make sure only the HumanoidRootPart is anchored
Also, before publishing the game, make sure the rig isn’t anchored, even HumanoidRootPart needs to be unanchored