Welding Clothing with Bones to R15 Character Mesh Parts

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re doing great, and hopefully someone can help me

What I’m trying to achieve
I’m working on adding Skinned Clothing to my character which have bones.

Bones are named in relation to R15 Rig Parts.

What I want to do is weld each Clothing Bone to the respective R15 Rig part.

Character and Clothing away from each other (unwelded):

What I want:

The question: How do I weld a bone to a Mesh part? (Note: bones are in a hierarchy, and some bones are nested)

What I’ve tried
I’ve tried simply setting the bone’s WorldCFrame to the Character Part’s CFrame.

Clothing.LowerTorso.WorldCFrame = StarterCharacter.LowerTorso.CFrame

This kinda works as the clothing welds onto the character BUT, the clothing doesn’t move with the animations.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Just to clarify, the characters and their parts work correctly- just the clothes do not match the movements?

Edit** Are you sure the mesh has been cut properly to articulate with the bones?

Yes the Character and its parts work correctly. If I put it under StarterPlayer I can move around with animations like normal.

All I want to do is weld the Clothing Bones to the Character Parts.

This clear anything up?