Welding player to a vehicle (artificial seats) is really buggy

I’ve got it working- welding the player to a specific point, mimmicking seats.
The problem is when the player jumps out/ stands up. The whole thing goes crazy.

I don’t wanna turn up the bodygyro on the vehicle too high because I want the ship to react to hitting stuff and not launching itself by being shoved into stuff (so it needs to be a liiiittle bit weak)
However this lets stuff like shiftlock to very strongly affect the vehicle in the fraction of a second the weld is removed in

Are there alternatives?

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Would constraints and attachments be better?

What you could do is probably just alignposition instead :man_shrugging:, it would probably look smoother and work better instead.


AlignPosition and AlignOrientation in conjunction perfectly solve this!
Especially when setting “RigidityEnabled” to true. Works just like Welds, but somehow even easier.

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