Welds Don't Update Properly

For a while now, welds have had some… annoying behavior. http://www.roblox.com/Contact-Alpha-place?id=115678330 Go here and try out the animations, Often, the welds will get stuck. As well, I have seen things where reloading when the gun was attached to the torso would, at least visually, rotate the entire torso into weird angles. Please fix these weird behaviors?

EDIT: Removed the “Anchored” section in here because it was a feature, not a bug.

Here’s a picture to show what’s happening. Keep in mind, this happens randomly, and usually doesn’t go away, yet works sometimes. Everything is properly attached.

Check your feature request thread

I’m aware. I posted it right after. I figured the welds not updating was a bug.

Please roblox. I’m begging welds be fixed. There’s so many bugs with them :frowning: