Welds Not Working

Hello, I’m trying to weld a wheel to the chassis of a car, but when I try to weld it, it will go to the center of the part. When I try to move the welded part back to the original position, the weld goes away. What am I doing wrong?

Are you perhaps using Welds and not WeldConstraints?
Welds will put the part you want to weld in the center and the only way you’d be able to change the position without breaking it is through the C0 and C1 properties through scripts.

WeldConstraints, however, will keep the part’s offset the same the whole time.

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When I do that, this happens:
robloxapp-20220206-1633445.wmv (919.4 KB)

Could i use a Motor6D? Or will that not work

Use WeldConstraint not an regular Weld.
The Mtoro6D is even worse than a regular weld (he’s just for animation).

Motor6D’s are primarily used for animation and they wouldn’t be of much help for this, as they are like welds but with more functionality.

Im not sure why this would be happening, something might be wrong with the way you made the model or with the script that’s moving the car.

If you are welding in studio and not in a live game, you should use weld constraints.

If you are sure you want to use welds, and not constraints, and its in a live game, you will need to set C1 to the Part1’s offset based on Part0’s space.