Welds not working

I was welding all the parts in a car, and all of the sudden… it exploded.

There are no explosions in it, only one part is anchored, and I used a plugin (that has never failed me before) to weld everything together. If you need any more info, just let me know and I will add the information.

This is most likely not the place to put this, in here, you have to show a script. I am not completely sure what the correct category to post this in is. Sorry for the inconvenience

Most scripts I’ve seen to weld models together require that all the Parts are Anchored until the script runs, then it welds each of those Parts to the next Part in the list and after all the Parts have been welded it Unanchors them.
Did you try Anchoring everything first?

I don’t have any scripts for this, I just used a plugin

It didn’t work, It still exploded

I just made a new car and tried again. For some reason, it worked this time…