Welds + Physics Being Whacky

So I am trying to make a grab attack, and it uses an animation, target detection, weld target, then destroys the weld and sets the target’s CFrame after the animation is done. The problem I’m coming across though is that, the physics seems to, well, break. For more elaboration, the player casting the ability has a rather large and heavy rig, and that rig gets it’s weight counter balanced in order to patch it’s physics issue. The physics issue being, the player gets force-moved in seemingly random directions whenever the player jumps and moves. Back to the problem though, after using the ability, its as if that counter balance does not exist. I’ve already checked that the counter balance is there, everything, all that. The issue also seems to happen whenever my character gets anchored and unanchored. It’s extremely weird because I’d think that if you anchor then unanchor that way the physics are, should work perfectly normal and fine, but that’s not the case. If there’s any bugs such as welds or physics being broken after anchoring and unanchoring, please let me know.

I know about the pending Part.Massless, and hopefully if and when that comes around, it’ll fix all my issues, but this is a really strange issue that I’d like to get to the bottom of. Thank you for the read c:

P.S. I use Motor6Ds to connect everything, not welds. Sorry for the confusion.

Don’t use welds or the likes for this; I’ve had the same problems.

What I did to counter this problem is simply setting the enemy’s HumanoidRootPart’s CFrame to the player’s arm CFrame + offset (Assuming your grab attack uses the player’s arm to grab the enemy) and anchoring it.

Do this every frame and simply unbind from renderstep whenever you need the player to let the enemy go.
(I did this with KeyframeReached). Don’t forget to unanchor the enemy’s rootpart when you quit setting the CFrame, and set their HumanoidState to GettingUp to avoid having the enemy drop onto the ground as if they tripped.

It’s been a few months since I’ve done something like this, but I hope this gives you a general idea of what you could be doing instead.

Example of what it could be (yes it's FE)

Image from Gyazo


Thank you, I’ll be trying this.

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This works, however, the physics (seemingly randomly) spazzes out still, even though no anchoring occurs. Such as, when you equip the rig, (the oversized one,) it seems to have a chance to force me in directions, as if the counter balance isn’t there. However this doesn’t occur in studio, and only occurs in live server. Others times it just randomly kicks in.

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Could you explain your problem with this with more detail?
If you do this correctly, you should have no problems with the enemy character being in conflict with the player.