Welds without physics

I’m currently at a dilemma. Recently, I’ve been trying to find a way to attach a humanoid or character to an objects motion without them actually affecting each-others physics. I had to rule out a couple of obvious solutions because they just don’t work.

Welds don’t work because then they affect each others physics, and it messes everything up, an align position and align orientation don’t work because when FPS drops to a low, they start to lag behind on the clients side and it looks weird.

I’m currently running an extremely server-intensive game where FPS could go as low as 15 at critical times. And trust me there is no way of optimizing it.

Does anyone know any potential solutions that I could use? Any help woul be appreciated!

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You can set the cframe of he attached part every frame, like attachedPart.CFrame = RootPart.CFrame*OffsetCFrame

Isn’t that resource intensive though?

I mean weld and other stuff use the same thing so…
It could be resource intensive if you don’t utilize it properly, the code I provided is just an example, if there are multiple parts, you can improvise the code to be efficient