Were can you find Investors?

Hello, Were can you find game investors and doesn’t it exceed a rule?

Finding investors on Devforum itself is in violation of global rule 17.1:

If you do want to find investors, you can usually find them in outreach games such as Group Recruiting Plaza or you’ll have to personally go out your way in some other form of communication to find them.

Different organisations on the platform may claim to be Investment hubs, but your easiest way is having a good game and thereby getting noticed by people who want to invest.

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Finding investors nowadays is a hard job. It’s denied almost in every website roblox has or any other similar websites or places. From saying that, there are many and many ways on how to get your game up known to other players! You can use websites such as twitter, devforum, tell your friends, websites such as discord etcc to get your game known onto the public.

Edit: Uh just a grammar mistake you’ve made, “were” on your post name. It’s supposed to be “Where”. Sorry if this sounds rude, just trying to help!

Hope this makes it kind of clear!
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this doesn’t belong here, and if you use the search bar you can find so many posts about this one topic.




This don’t make sense,there’s this guy the does YouTube,and he invests live on roblox “Rotank”

But hes not doing it on Devforum and hes not a partner of Roblox - he is a random person investing. He would come under the term “outreach games” - or more expansively “outreach groups”.

Oh,thanks for explaining! 30 characters