Westfield Racing - Update Log

Westfield Racing | Update Log

as of 06/08/2021 Westfield Racing is in Open Alpha release.

Version a0.3 (06/08/2021):

  • Added Temporary Seating Stands to Brazil circuit for testing
  • Updated Audi A6 & Mercedes Chassis System
  • Added update log to dev forum (via roblox game description)

Version a0.2 (05/08/2021)
  • Changed Brazil circuit to a test track for new updates
  • Updated Brazil Circuit
  • Testing new Mercedes vehicle at Brazil
  • Testing one vehicle per player system at Brazil
Version a0.1 (04/08/2021)
  • Added Three Tracks & One Car
  • Added Vehicle Spawning
  • Testing lap time system
  • Experimenting more tracks and FPS Improvements

Westfield Racing is presented to you by Firepixel Interactive with help from BobsterJS