What a vector TRULY is

It had came to my attention that many of my friends didn’t understand what a vector truly is. Many of them thought it was a position in space. Now I don’t blame them for thinking this, not naming names but if you look up vectors on Roblox most of the teachers will tell you that it is just a point in space. I came to set it straight with what a vector really is. What do you guys think? Was I concise? Do you think it is helpful?


he is asking feedback for it tho

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First of all, I want to thank you simply taking your time to do this. If you are looking for feedback though, as you asked, I will be honest.

You need to understand what a vector is, that is great. However, the video itself is honestly a bit hard to understand. The way you teach is a bit confusing. You are reading a document, and it seems as if you intended to explain more, but you did not.

Secondly, vectors are a general mathematical concept. There isn’t really isn’t anything special about how it works in-game engines. So including Roblox in the title doesn’t tell make much sense as it doesn’t provide an engine example until the very end.

Videos such as these are much more clear. Now, I don’t want to discourage you. If you are interested in providing resources to the community, that is great. However, it may not work out the very first time. Notice in those videos, Vectors are explained very clearly without a lot of text. It provides clear examples, and the video is short and to the point.


So you are saying animate my videos too and not just show pictures?

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Oh no, those were just examples of videos I found clear and concise. You should use whatever style of teaching you prefer, but my point was that those videos seemed good due to their short length, too the point teaching, visual demonstration, etc.

How you deliver your content doesn’t matter as much as does it teach you well or not. There is nothing wrong with just showing pictures or a document, but reading most of it word for word isn’t that helpful. Providing better explanations, comparisons, analogies, etc. would help.

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I’ll be sure to include more examples, thank you

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well the editing is next level but like too many complex words maybe try cutting that down and relate it to simpler things that beginners can relate to

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Play around with your microphone settings to cut out that little background static, also be sure to speak into your microphone (or increase your voice levels when editing). Instead of putting all of your info onto one page (this is fine to do with a script, but not for the audience to follow along with), have one paragraph per slide, using bigger texts and images. Be sure to highlight/bold words, and use colors. Keep the audience entertained, you don’t want to sound like a monotone voice reading a script, or we’d read it for ourselves.

Make sure you contribute value or clarify on everything you’ve said, or again

we’d read it for ourselves.

Speak up when you need to! Emphasize certain points. Keep us entertained.

Keep it up!