What advertisements are the best to invest into with around 100K R$

Hello! My team and I are currently working on a high-quality simulator game. We are planning on release it soon and advertise the game with around 100K+ Robux.

We need to know answer to the following questions:

-What is a good amount for each day
-Is game sponsors or banners better for advertisement or should we do both(How much robux for both each day)
-How long should we run the advertisements for
-If you have experience with advertisements, what worked best for you.


If I’m completely being honest- don’t even advertise on Roblox. Keep the Robux for something else and try promoting it on other social media such as Youtube.

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Hmmm… Do you think the game can gain 200+ players with social media marketing?

This is just my take on things but if you’re able to find a big enough influencer or even make quality content on your own without an influencer, your game should be able to easily get 200+ concurrent players. It will probably be a lot slower than advertising at first, but the end result should be about the same as advertising if you do it right.

Personally, I prefer sponsoring a game instead of ads because many players have ad blockers and the recent update has made it so 13- users cannot view ads. If you are sponsoring, the biggest thing that matters is the icon as that is what will get the players to click on the sponsorship. Other than that, I think 25k robux a day for 4 days will be good enough to get above most the sponsorships.

You have dozens of ways to get other people to see your game if you do not want to advertise on Roblox. Firstly, Social media, you can create videos/upload leaks of your game on social media’s like TikTok, YouTube shorts, Twitter, etc. if you are advertising on social media, make sure you have a discord server or something similar setup so that people who are interested in your game can join the server for updates. Secondly, you can pay someone with a decent fan base to advertise your game/game’s server to their fan base. This can be YouTubers, tiktokers, discord server owners, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Ill let you know the income when we advertise the game.


Maybe try to invest on Content Creator, they have big influences over their subscriber and ususally they need content, so you can arrange something that benefits both of you

Don’t listen to anyone telling you that you should bother with advertising on social media instead of Roblox itself. I use to advertise my groups/games solely by advertising on Roblox. Advertising on Roblox directly is much better and effective (and easier) than advertising on social media sites. It’s a shame that Roblox changed their ad policy making it nearly impossible for up-and-coming developers from kickstarting their games.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to stay on platform for advertising.

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