What are datastore pages and how do they work?

I’m trying to make a global leaderboard for players with longest time spent in the game. But I’m confused what the DataStorePages mean? Is it the number of keys being retrieved or what?


DataStorePages are something used in OrderedDataStores that basically have a specific amount of info on each page (so they can be sorted easily). I don’t know much about this, so if someone else wants to intervene that would be fine.

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What is this specific amount? Is this consistent every time or can you change how many keys you want in a page?

I’m pretty sure you can change the amount of items per page.

Well, it returns tables on these things called “pages”. Those tables contain the keys and values that you set with :SetAsync() or :UpdateAsync()

More information on it here:

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I have already checked the relevant articles on DevForum including the one you mentioned before making this post but it still didn’t make much sense to me.

I understand that it returns pages, but how many keys are actually being returned and can you set the number of keys you’re trying to retrieve per page?

@ElusiveEpix Do you know how would you be able to do that?