What are some aspects or areas of building that you often have trouble with?

I’m working on a building guide that should be tailored to builders of varying degrees of experience. What are some topics that you or others often have difficulty with?

These topics can be pretty broad such as building objects to scale, or a bit more technical and specific like making angled cylinder connections seamless, and so on.

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Although this is very broad, but I always have a problem making my models and buildings ‘detailed’. I feel that I am able to build, though most times it’s not detailed.

If you were to make a guide on this and other problems builders run into on a regular basis, I would read it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Generally, I don’t think I have any difficulties with building.
But, here are some topics that others may find it hard to focus on:

  • Deciding which style they should use and how they should concerate on making this certain style appear in their game, this could be focusing on something low-poly, from the 1970s, related to a tv show or movie, etc.

  • Gathering ideas on how to build something new, something that hasn’t been seen before and has been developed based on references or thoughts.

  • Being hired, how to get work based on their experience, skills, etc.

  • How to combine your building skills to develop something into a script that could be used. This could be something like drinks, food, balls, etc.

  • Making something a certain shape to actually resemble what you had imagined, this could include roofs, trees, flowers, stoves, etc.


Yeah, I would reply, but basically what @xStarfully said.

Building stairs would be a great tutorial

I’d eventually like to get to doing guides on specific builds, but at first I will most likely focus on processes that can be applied to any number of builds.

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Sometimes, I feel like the build isn’t good enough, which other people think it is. I’d say to include something about asking for advice on something such as the Devforum, anyway, more building related, Sometimes I have trouble building to the scale of the players, and forget to use the humanoid for reference, which is what it’s helpful for.

I always have problem with a colors to be honest. Every project i make i always have trouble with that.

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